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Welcome to Emmanuel!

I have had the pleasure of serving as Emmanuel’s pastor since 1999, and since that time I have journeyed with this congregation into many exciting ventures of ministry. This is a challenging time to be the church. Whether you are part of the up and coming generation or Baby Boomer like myself, the world is changing at an exponential rate. For many in today’s world, the last thing on their mind is joining a “religious organization” or thinking about going to church on Sunday mornings. The questions that surround our lives are not easily answered, and yet we continue to gather in the name of Jesus Christ who promises to dwell within us and be with us from one generation to the next.

The Psalmist writes:

Lord, you have been our dwelling place 

in all generations. 

Before the mountains were brought forth, 

or ever you had formed the earth and the world, 

from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

I understand how coffee shops sometimes seem much more welcoming than walking into a church during the week, or gathering together with others for worship on Sunday morning. I hang out at coffee shops all the time.

Having said that, there is a precious nature of relationships that develop here at Emmanuel.  I invite you to Come and See.

Our downtown congregation on Mooring Line Drive will commemorate 60 years in 2018, and we have four services every Sunday morning.  Excitement and joy expand into a second site for worship at the Pebblebrooke Center at Emmanuel Community Church.  Beyond this, we are developing Emmanuel Park, 40 acres on Oil Well Road to the northeast which will eventually include a center of faith development and a host of community organizations to benefit the common good of all.

Enjoy this website.  Stop by.  Invite us to visit with you at your home or workplace.  We look forward to meeting you and growing together surrounded by the blessings of Christ!


Rev. Steven Wigdahl

Senior Pastor