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Tuesdays with Emmanuel

Tuesdays with Emmanuel

Every Tuesday, from 01/09/2018 to 02/06/2018, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Location: Family Life Center, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 777 Mooring Line Dr. , Naples, FL US 34102

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Tuesdays with Emmanuel



$10 for individual lecture

$40 for entire series of 5 lectures


To purchase tickets please call the church office at (239) 261-0894 or email us at


January 9

“Delivering Human Services to People in Need”

Speaker: Samuel M. Sipes,

Chief Executive Officer Lutheran Services of Florida


Lutheran Services Florida, which is based in Tampa, was established in 1982 to assist in refugee resettlement in Southeast and Central Florida.  Today, LSF has 1,300 employees who oversee more than 60 Programs including Refugee and Immigration, Guardianship Service, Youth Shelters, Head Start, Counseling Services, Disaster Response, Sexual Abuse Treatment, Teen Court, Ryan White AIDS, Welfare, Foster Care and Adoptions, Charter Schools, and Substance Abuse and Mental Health.


January 16

“Missions: From Paternalism to Partnership”

Speakers: Greg Elzainga, Director of Global Engagement Partners Worldwide

                   Jack Van Der Ploeg, Board Member


Partners Worldwide is a global Christian network that uses business as the way to help end poverty.  Since 1997, Partners Worldwide has helped thousands of individuals and families out of poverty through a global network of Christian business organizations which serve over 80,000 small businesses in 27 countries.  Partners’ Strategic Plan includes (a) Relationship Mentoring, (b) Biblically-based Small Business Training, (c) Access to Financial Capital, and (d) Advocacy.


Jack VanDer Ploeg, a retired business man who volunteers to work with small businesses to help them grow and provide employment for the unemployed, is currently working with volunteers in 10 cities in Haiti with a goal of adding 100,000 jobs by 2020.


January 23

“The Blessing of Clean, Safe Water”

Speaker: Dick Moeller, Founder Water to Thrive


Water to Thrive is a faith based non-profit, headquartered in Austin, Texas. It is dedicated to spreading awareness of the global water crisis while raising the funds needed to construct water wells for those who desperately need them in rural Africa.  Since its founding in a Sunday School class at Triumphant Love Lutheran Church in April 2008, Water to Thrive has funded more than 750 water projects in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda.  With the caring hearts of donors and supporters, Water to Thrive is transforming more than 450,000 men, women, and children with the blessing of clean, safe water.


January 30

“ECHO - Fighting World Hunger Through Biblical Principles”

Speaker: Jo Dee Hanssen,

Development Officer ECHO - Educational Concern for Hunger Organization


ECHO is a global Christian organization honoring God by empowering the undernourished with sustainable hunger solutions.  For over 36 years, ECHO has been helping thousands of missionaries, development workers and organizations around the world to better access vital information and other resources needed to improve food production for small-scaled farmers and gardeners.  During the past year, ECHO conducted training in 25 countries for approximately 3,000 missionaries, development workers andsmall-scaled farmers.  The ECHO International Headquarters is located at a campus in North Fort Myers, Florida.


February 6

“Let My Heart Be Broken”

Speaker: Marilee Pierce Dunker,

Ambassador and Daughter of Founder of World Vision


World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God. The work of World Vision is to “pull up the roots of poverty and plant the seeds of change.” During 2016, World Vision helped over 15.4 million disaster survivors and refugees; transformed the lives of 4 million sponsored kids; impacted 1.7 million jobs; and brought clean water to 4.6 million people.


Marilee Pierce Dunker is a traveling ambassador for World Vision and the author of four books including “The Audacity of Faith”, which focuses on the many partnerships her father, the founder of World Vision, had with missionaries and churches around the world, laying the foundation for the World Vision we know today.